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Born from a concept executed by our Founder in the early 1980’s, Layers & Levels Collective, LLC is a community for Entrepreneurs and Individuals to grow mentally, spiritually and fiscally. We believe in strength in numbers and the old fashioned concept of being so excited enough about a product or service that we can’t wait to tell a friend, and so on and so on and so on…

Many businesses suffered catastrophic loss over the past few years from which many could not recover. While some have reopened, the foot traffic or even online sales are not necessarily the same as before. The Layers & Levels Collective understands the importance of
not just recovering but thriving as both producers and consumers.

Our team takes pride in discovering businesses worthy of being promoted; either due to the way they or their representative(s) present their products /services or witnessing their clients expressing satisfaction with the treatment they’ve received.

The digital age has taken the word of mouth concept to such a high level that we are excited that we can promote members of the business community through a several mediums being our “Layers and Levels” Podcast, Digital Newsletter and radio station affiliate The New FM Band. We look forward to welcoming you as a Member of the

Layers & Levels Collective.

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