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Featured Partners

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Teddy Pendergrass II Financial Group, powered by one of the largest financial companies in the country;  E Mortgage Capital (EMC), represents the hope that it is possible to own your own home. We specialize in customizing our mortgage solutions to fit your current needs. Please allow E Mortgage Capital to assist in your pursuit of owning your dream home.


Sincearay, born in Brooklyn, N.Y.,  has a big heart and lots of sass. Sincearay, a stylish empath and medium with a calming and supportive nature; will definitely give you an honest reading. Experiencing the energy of Sincearay will be remembered for a long time; in many cases, life changing. Seeing energy in color, Sincearay is a natural born Heyoka,  the rarest of all mediums and empaths. She can see your future, your energy, and your heart's desire. A reading with Sincearay is enlightening and often life changing.

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Dreamworld, an independent label founded and led by Recording artist, Channel Jamil. His leadership infuses the label with a unique blend of artistic passion and entrepreneurial spirit. As the CEO, he fosters an environment that nurtures talent and promotes individuality. This allows artists to thrive and showcase their authentic voices; bringing their musical dreams to fruition in a creative Sanctuary. Dreamworld Ink LLC is not just a platform for music; it's a dynamic force shaping the future of independent artistry. Brand affiliates: FTB Music Group, DOS Media, SpreadLove Photography, and the Non Profit A3Pex.

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Shannon N. Smith is a speaker, coach, best-selling author, healer, owner of SNS Wellness and creator of the Your Wellness Sanctuary natural product line. She is on a mission to educate and empower individuals on their wellness and healing journeys.  With her ‘whole life alignment’ approach, clients feel a deeper connection to their body and intuition so they can navigate life’s challenges with confidence, clarity, and calmness.


Euphoria Media (Philadelphia), was founded in 2015 as a full service production company owned and operated by Darryl King. His experience is vast as a director and producer of media content. His body of work spans many years in television, music videos and promotional works. Many of these projects can be found on his channel, Youtube/EuphoriaMedia.

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Lisa Cyrus is the owner and makeup enthusiast behind Lisa Cyrus Beauty. Even with over twenty years experience in makeup artistry, Lisa’s passion for the industry is still growing.
She loves working with women of all ages and cultures.  She is well-known for her flair in accenting traditional bridal makeup for a wide range of Ethnicities. With each uniquely stunning bride, Lisa captures their essence on one of the most important days of their lives. If you have an milestone event coming up where you need to look absolutely flawless contact Lisa and schedule your consultation today.

Lisa Cyrus Beauty

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Since '89, we've been the maestros of pixels and print, making your vision our mission at Original Concepts Multimedia. Whether you're an up-and-coming entrepreneur or the head honcho of a vast empire, we speak your language – from logos that tell your story, to websites that drive your sales sky-high. Don't let your brand be bland; jazz it up! Give us a click at, because life's too short for dull designs. Ready for the glow-up?"


Inspired by the desire to excel on the golf course and in life, Bucka Fogey Sports, LLC., was founded in June of 2020. Created with the serious sportsperson in mind; Bucka Fogey believes that if you dress better, you will feel better, and ultimately you will perform better. The correct mindset is mandatory.

Designed by President and avid sportsman, Dr. Alfred B. Quarles, Jr., the unique brand name and spoonerism, “Bucka Fogey,” speaks to the novice as well as the accomplished athlete who is ready to launch their mindset into overdrive.

Bucka Fogey Sports, LLC was featured at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida; the African American Golf Expo and Forum in Atlanta, GA; and is currently placed strategically in a several PGA Tour Superstores. Bucka Fogey commands a large social media presence.  Dr. Quarles has founded and moderates rapidly growing social media platforms with well over 15,000 followers. Visit and place your order today at     www.BuckaFogey.Com

Seeking dependable notary services with a touch of professionalism and a commitment to excellence? Your solution is Staysea's Signature Notary Service! Operating in the Greater Philadelphia area and surrounding Pennsylvania counties, this mobile business serves both individuals and the business community. Choose Staysea's Signature Notary Service

Where Your Signature Speaks Volumes!



Big Boy Sound Production is a Philadelphia base company established by

Tony Darrah in 1989. It has become popular nationwide and is considered one of the best production companies in the Entertainment Industry. Big Boy Sound Production has a large selection of audio and production equipment operated by a full staff of qualified engineers and technicians. Big Boy Sound Production has engineered countless indoor and outdoor events in venues ranging from Stadiums to intimate Concert Halls.  No matter the size, location or scope of your event we are available for the memorable moments that are important to you. Big Boy Sound Production will make your event worry-free. 

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