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Seated at the intersection of Olney Avenue at 10th Street, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is Nutrition & Herbs Center (5601 N. 10th St., Philadelphia, PA 19141). Established more than three decades ago, this location has provided resources and wellness to several generations of Customers.The Detox Box (featured on the left) is a powerful addition to any wellness regiment especially for those on transitional diets. It's also a key element to add to your arsenal to eradicate environmental toxins. Call today to schedule an Herbal or Nutritional Consultation. 215-549-6151

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Dive into a mind-expanding journey with Qeion Saunders, a 20-year-old visionary from Philadelphia. His Freshman offering,  "The Power of Understanding", is a thought-provoking book taking readers on a captivating exploration of alternative perspectives of TIME, REALITY, SPIRITUALITY & GOD. It skillfully challenges conventional thinking and invites readers to use their minds to unravel the profound mysteries of the reality in which we exist. "The Power of Understanding" is a compelling tapestry of ideas that will leave you continually contemplating EVERYTHING as you embark on your everlasting path to DIVINE TRUTH.

Let Clark McCutcheon, LLP create your compassionate guide through the Last Wish Dossier experience. Safeguard your legacy and spare your loved ones' uncertainty. With Clark McCutcheon’s  expertise, create a personalized plan for your final farewell. Don't leave your family in the dark – let Clark McCutcheon illuminate your wishes. Plan today. Rest easy tomorrow. 

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